Cholo company design department is capable of creating all types and scales of project stating from family house to the residential units, health centers, and commercial facilities. The dept. is responsible for preparing preliminary designs and sketches, final imaging and exterior design, interior design for all of the above types of buildings, also we provide our respectful clients all executive and drawing including architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design needed for the project construction along with the shop drawings and the final sets of the facility as they are built.

To maintain and guarantee the exact execution of the designed facilities we provide supervision for project under construction and also, we are able to provide services for buildings after completion.



No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, Cholo can handle it. We bring an exceptional combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and customer commitment to every project.

Because we think globally and build locally, we are able to offer clients the amenability and support of a local company with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.

  • Design-Build
  • Civil Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Concrete Production
  • Utilities Management
  • Deconstruction
  • Safety Management
  • Quality & Cost Control