Camp Support Services


Our core competencies are Life Support Services for Camps in Iraq as a General within different industries and/or specifications (Governmental Camps, Military Camps, and Civil Camps) and many other variety platforms in regions of conflict and natural disasters.

Transport and logistical support Camp Construction Sanitary Potable and Non Potable Water distribution network and Waste Water Internal roads Waste
Electrical distribution including diesel generators Laundry Morale, Welfare, Recreation (MWR) Communication Procurement Cleaning

 Living Containers Supply:

Cholo provides customized containers to fit multiple uses. Wherever permanent lodgings are absent, we supply you with specially made containers. Cholo’s Technical staff is highly experienced in outfitting containers and that make it possible for us to provide to each client his personalized container.

The containers that we provide offer an alternative solution to hard wall buildings, and are ideal for any kind of uses (office, kitchen, shower, toilets, workspace, and living). Setting it up easily and moving it when necessary is an additional benefit.

Our full service includes everything starting from site planning to turnkey delivery including maintenance and repair. Of course all our units are fully air-conditioned if required.