About us

Cholo Company is one of the few professional companies in Kurdistan; Iraq that provides reliable and quick infrastructural building services (Public Services, Construction, Planning, Architectural Design, Camp Support, Oil Extraction, Gas Extraction, Mining, and catering, etc…)
Cholo Company was founded to start organizing the infrastructures of other organizations, camps, corporations in 2003, where we under the toughest conditions, have successfully accomplished more than 230 projects within a period of 9 years.

  • Life support and life caring services.
  • Power generation and maintenance services.
  • Mobile fuel transportation & supply services
  • Vehicle rental & Vehicle Maintenance Services
  • Non-potable water supply services.
  • Lease refrigeration trailers Supply Services.
  • Supplying villages in Nineveh (Mousil) with agricultural equipment’s.

Within the 2003 – 2011 U.S. army mission in Iraq, Cholo Company has been able to provide to most of the U.S. Camps in Iraq generally, and Mousil

specifically the following services:

Supplying more than 150000 Food to families in Mousil. Animal (Sheep and Hen) Supply to more than 11 villages in Mousil with food supply up to 250 days. Renovation of Schools and health centers.  Removal of concrete blocks in (Mousil) Catering services to U.S. army Camps, and U.S. army local contractors.
Within Cholo Company career of 9 years in providing infrastructural building services, we have developed and generated a strong background of the geographical, social, and cultural behaviors of Iraq, and Kurdistan, which on the other hand enabled us to provide our clients with the at most professional services, within the right timing and right organization of work.